Steps you must follow for Amazon campaigns for eBooks


Written by Judith Briles

Every day I get questions from published authors. Is it worth investing time and energy to launch a best-selling campaign on Amazon?

If you’re a best-selling snob, I’ll turn it down, claiming that only “real” lists are included. New York Times, Wall street journal, USA Today, etc. Being an opponent I can be,
I would say it’s worth it.

I’m talking about Amazon. It is a gorilla who sells most books. I am not referring to the “one hour” slot. How about charging 24 hours for a few days? In multiple categories? And how about starting a word of mouth about your title and building momentum?

Need work. That’s not what you should think about:… Well, today is Friday. Next week we’ll be running a bestseller campaign.. That’s great no and it’s the secret to failure.

Below, we’re sharing the drilldowns we do in the office to create a successful eBook bestseller campaign for our clients. There are 22. Many authors may not have the bandwidth to do the DIY approach. I need help. And I confess that I am helping to create and implement as many elements as I know about book marketing and social media use.

It takes work and a team to put it all together. And time. Inside it is a sample of social media posts and images I did for a recent campaign on the weekend of July 4th for writer Katherine Burlake and her book. Last request.

Steps you must follow for Amazon campaigns for eBooks

  1. For effective promotion… To plan your campaign, start planning for 4-6 weeks. If you don’t make a plan, mediocrity will be the result.
  2. Make sure the eBook is only available on Amazon’s KDP Select platform. You can give it free for up to 5 days within a 90-day period. Alternatively, you can lower the price for up to 5 days or do something called COUNT DOWN. This means you can lower the price and then increase it every day until you go back. Original price.

    Suggestion: Do it at least 15 days before the pushout. Note: Please make sure the eBook is not available on other platforms. Amazon can be annoying and penalized if your eBook is published elsewhere.

    After 90 days, you can exit KDP Select and publish eBooks on other platforms.

  3. Capture the full link from the Amazon detail page, Then go to or and create a custom link with title, part, name and more.

    Better short. I use this for all social media pushes, including generated posters.

  4. Keep building followers on social media.
  5. Double check the hashtag to use. Make sure #bookboost is used. Also your name #YourName… move And insist on it.
  6. Next, identify the “handles” related to the genre/expertise. Collect them. For boolean push use:
    Poop bread
    @ BookGS#
    Poop bread
    Bong Bong
  7. For Facebook users Join all groups related to the genre.
  8. ALL… Check the name handle.— @ — May be included in posts that might get your attention.
  9. Check and set the Amazon push date (free or paid). Find out what the window time frame is and schedule it.
  10. There is a portal for displaying advertisements. What I use every day Free Book City You will be buying free or paid eBook push-outs-ads. FreeBooksy Portal for setting up “free” eBooks to consumers. It is not free, there is a fee and it is determined by the desired genre. It usually starts at $50.

    equally BargainBooksy— “Paid” eBook for consumers. Both can be found in the same portal. Look at DATES. Please choose one Pay and lock. It should match the date you want to push. Friday is generally good.

  11. Make sure the independent ad date matches the Amazon date and run the first day. It turns out that if I do a multi-day push (e.g. 3 days) it runs the ad on the first day. Elements overflow and are pushed to the next day.
  12. Add or edit categories on the book detail page. It must be completed at least one week before the start of the campaign.

    Use Author Central’s “Contacts” feature to call and meet real people for help. You can have 10. Drill down dive.

    Naturally, we found that the new category we added to our customers was the most recently added category. And they were the category #1 caught on.

  13. Check the description again on the detail page. Got a new item to add?

    What update? What about the new headlines?

    Make sure you’re using BOLD in your headlines. You can get killer ad text from published reviews. When editing, use italic/bold/line break to make your ad text stand out. Add them.

  14. Get used to the classics and weird or bizarre “holidays”.

    Explore and

    You can coat them and create visual posters to tie your books to social media platforms.

  15. Create multiple posters that specifically support your campaign. On the weekend of July 4th, fireworks images were used.

    If it’s not a holiday, be smart by attaching a pulling device to attract the eye. Use the easy Canva or BookBrush tools.

    When you first provided a podcast on this topic AuthorU-Book Publishing Guide, August 6 was the National Root Beer Float Day, the National Fresh Breath Day, and the National Wiggle Toe Day. Part 2 was International Left-Handed Day, National Filet Mignon Day and National Pro Seco Day.

    Have a good time. Integrate your day, connect to books and promote them through social media.

    August has many to choose from: Happy Month, Family Fun Month, Summer Dog Day, National Catfish Month, National Golf Month, Peach Month, Romance Awareness Month, Water Quality Month, National Picnic Month .

    Note: Week 1 is National Simplify Your Life Week. Week 2 is the National Smile Month. Week 3 is Friendship Week. Week 4 is a week that is kind to humanity. It’s time to get creative.

  16. Writes tons of social media posts (as in at least 30 other posts)… I plan to post something different every hour on Twitter, Instagram. For Facebook, LinkedIn-at least 4-6 campaigns per day. For Pinterest-Several boards were added during the day.

    You must use “handle” @YourName with a hashtag. Yes :

    If you’re a mix of secret encounters, tricks, suspicious thinking, and adventure, add The Last Request to your reading pleasure. A new book is waiting for you: @kburlakebooks #mystery #thriller # adventure #IARTG #bookboost #WWII

    Call all #mystery and #thriller fans and discover new books popping with conspiracy, covert meetings, betrayals and suspicious accidents. The last request is waiting for you: @kburlakebooks #adventure #IARTG #bookboost

    This is a wow sa for mystery and thriller readers. Would you like a bold, blatant book woven into adventure? Don’t wait any more. The second book, Amy Prowers, is The Last Request. @kburlakebooks #mystery #thriller # adventure #IARTG #bookboost #WWII

    Are you ready for adventure, thrill and reveal? Shroud was hidden and lost, worshiped, exposed, attacked and atoned. Getting Katherine Burlake’s Last Request, Volume 2 Series. @kburlakebooks #mystery #thriller #adventure #bookboost

    Dear readers of Mystery and Suspense: If you like adventures, fascinating characters and Page Turner, Katherine Burlake’s The Last Request is waiting for you: @kburlakebooks #mystery #thriller #adventure #IARTG #bookboost #WWII #shroud

  17. Take a screenshot of the Amazon book detail page At the start of the day so you can have a benchmark of where you are going.

  18. Check it out with Amazon Ranking. You should check back with Amazon every 10 or 15 minutes every hour during the campaign to see if there is any movement. If so, it’s time to screenshot.

  19. Click #1 on the book detail page… Go to the interior page and WOOT… Book #1… The new screenshot will be prominently displayed at the time. And shout out to all fans via social media with TY for their support.

  20. Breathe and celebrate yourself. Plan a mini celebration.
  21. Check out Amazon’s best-selling seal images online. Choose what you want. Now go to the cover designer and add the #1 Amazon bestseller to your eBook cover and have it uploaded to the eBook’s Amazon details page through the KDP portal.

  22. Show off your time and shout. What will you do to inform the community? How about adding it to your email signature? How about writing and pushing out a press release? There are several free resources, including What else?

There you have it… easy peasy, right? no. For customers it is what we are doing and promoting. But it is possible for you and the DIYer. Visualization. plan. Run. It’s your turn.

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